Hi guys! I’m Rebecca. I’m happy to have you here, so thanks for stopping by! This space is my creative outlet for makeup, my life and whatever else inspires me. I tend to talk mostly about beauty, as that’s my favourite hobby, but you’ll find a bit of lifestyle in the mix too. You know, to keep things interesting!

What is your blog name and what does it mean?

morerebe which simply 2 words, “more” and “Rebe” (ree-bee). The term has been my way of describing an extension of, or great depiction of myself. My nickname from some of my closest friends is Rebe, and has been for most of my life!

How old are you?

I am 27! I started writing this blog in 2013, so I’ve grown quite a bit since those early posts, but they are definitely a big part of my journey.

What camera do you use and how do you edit your photos?

I use a Nikon D5100 for all my blog photos. I adjust light, etc. them using Adobe Camera Raw and rarely will adjust them further using Adobe Photoshop. Some images on my instagram are taken on my iPhone SE, and I edit using FaceTune primarily.

Are you a MUA? Do you want to be?

I most definitely am not a makeup artist. I have not gone to school to study cosmetology, so would never consider myself to be one. I am a makeup and beauty junkie though and I wear that title very proudly!

I’ve considered becoming a makeup artist, and it is something I would like to explore. It may be in the cards for me, but for now I enjoy it as a passion maybe more than I would like it as a career.



Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have anything else you would like to ask! Feel free to email me at morerebe@gmail.com at any time!