CHANGE | My New Hair

Back in August, I had a blonde ombre done on the ends of my hair. It was a nice way to change up my hair without straying from my natural colour. I hate maintaining roots because my hair grows so fast.
I thought that overtime I may add colour to the ends, but I wasn’t entirely sure what. Since it is fall, my original intention was to do a maroon or even a bright red, but of course, I had to stray away from seasonal norms. I opted for bright turquoise.
Since my ombre was pretty yellow, I bought an aquamarine colour, thinking it would create something more green than pure blue. It turned out even better than I had imagined.

I used Creative Image Adore Hair Colour in 117 Aquamarine, which is a semi-permanent colour I bought at Urban Outfitters. It was super easy to work with and the colour is so vibrant – I’m really impressed. I also hardly used any of the product. I probably have enough in the bottle to do this again another 2 times. Needless to say, I am really happy with the results and have gotten tons of great feedback about it, so I may keep it up for a while. This dye should last about 2-3 weeks from what I’ve researched. But it may last longer on my hair because I tend to hold colour really well.

Would you ever venture into bright hair colours like this?