The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is a soft “3-in-1” sponge that claims to effortlessly blend foundations and concealers. I must agree that it does exactly that. It’s dynamic shape allows precise application of liquids on every surface and contour of the face.

Size comparison between dry and damp sponge. It nearly doubles in size!

On a bit of whim, I decided to purchase the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge a few weeks ago. The Real Techniques sets are available in-stores in Canada, but there is limited selection, so I usually purchase mine off of Amazon or Feel Unique. After only using this sponge a few times, I must say I am incredibly impressed by the gorgeous finish it gives a variety of different liquid bases.

Liquid foundations look flawless when used in combination when this sponge is dampened under tap water. I have tried using the sponge with some light-medium coverage foundations as well as full coverage. It’s also great for cream and liquid concealers! And the result is amazing either way. The flat side is great to blend colour down the jawline and neck, and the rounded side is great for all over the face. I’ve found the pointed tip to cover under eye circles without looking cakey. So far, I’ve been washing this every 2-3 uses, and I find it washes up very nicely with little staining.

I personally do not own a Beauty Blender which is what this is most often compared to. I have however used a few knock-off versions (with the Revive Beauty Pro Makeup Blending Applicator being my favourite), but I have to say this little thing blows them out of the water. This has been my go-to for applying any kind of base!

Have you tried this sponge? What’s your favourite way to apply foundations?
  • I was using the Sigma F80 and the F82 for my foundation and my fingers for blending in concealer, I bought this and i've dictched my brushes and now use just this its amazing! x

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  • I just got a pack of two Beauty Blenders as part of my birthday gifts in December and I love them, but I think when they need replacing I'll end up starting to buy these Real Techniques sponges because I love applying my foundations with sponges but the Beauty Blenders are expensive! Whenever someone reviews the RT one they always love it so I really want to give it a try!

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  • I've never tried this but I love the concept, think I'm going to have to try this for myself. Really great review xx

  • What a great little applicator ! I used to use sponges but they did no good and now i use a mac 167 brush, so this would be interesting to try

    Lauren x

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  • I want to try this one. I just got the beauty blender from a friend and it's okay, but nothing to really write home about.

  • Yay! Glad to hear you love it too!

  • I have no idea how this compares to the Beauty Blender, but I have a feeling you'll like it. I've only read and heard great things so far!

  • It's worth a shot – let me know how you get on with it! And thank you!!

  • Yeah I've tried all kinds of sponges, but this thing is like no other! I've never used the MAC 167… I just can't seem to fork up lots of money for brushes anymore!

  • I don't know how it compares, but you should give this one a try if you're interested!

  • I don't know how it compares, but if you're at all interested it's worth giving a try!

  • I really want to try this!, I'm a little bored of using makeup brushes! x


  • I really want to give one of these a try, I like that it's more affordable than the beauty blender! Xo

  • Wow, this really sounds like a great one! Leave it to Real Techniques 🙂 Thanks for the review! xo

  • Hm, this seems interesting. Might give it a shot since I'm thinking about getting Beauty Blender anyway 🙂

  • I'm always tempted by sponges but the texture of them gives me the creeps. I love Real Techniques products so I may just suck it up and give this a go.


  • It's definitely nice to switch it up sometimes!

  • SO much more affordable!

  • It's really great, of course, in my eyes Real Techniques can do no wrong!

  • It's worth a shot!

  • This one is really dense, so it may be a different texture than you expect! You should give it a try if you're feeling curious!

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  • I have to try applying foundation with a sponge soon because everyone says the most amazing things about the finish. I just don't get how a sponge doesn't remove all of the product but I think I'm just being silly thinking that.

    I have a Beauty Blender so I may have to actually use it soon.

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  • I have tried a sponge a couple of times, there okay but i find myself bit hesitant to get a good one as i just don't think I will use it. I like to use brushes myself. Do you think sponges or brushes are better?

  • As always, it's a matter of personal preference. I think that both tools are important for me personally. For foundations with a full coverage -like Revlon Colorstay – I like using a sponge as it applies smooth and gives a lighter (but still buildable coverage) but with light bases like tinted moisturizers or BB creams, I tend to use a brush, or even my fingers! I think you just need to experiment with your sponge in different formulations. Some people like using their sponge for concealing under eye circles. That could work for you too! x