For the entire month of March I’m going to not spend ANY money on beauty products. This is mostly because I will be spending money on beauty in other ways (I’m thinking about a major hair change, and seeing a naturopath about my skin. I also have been considering taking a course and I’ll be having a big night out for one of my best friend’s birthday celebration…) This month, I can’t spend money on beauty items like makeup, skincare (unless the naturopath suggests something), haircare OR clothing. Nope. And I wanted to write this post as a way to commit to that claim. I know there isn’t anyone who is going to hold me accountable, but I feel like putting the thought out into the world will help to keep me in check.

I think this is going to be really difficult for me, but I also know it needs to happen. It will give me an opportunity to use up some of the things I own as well as to play around with products that don’t get as much love these days. There are so many samples sitting around too. I’ll work my way through those, easily. Also, I desperately need to get over the “I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE” phase that I’m currently in when it comes to all things beauty. I have a desire to shift my mindset over to spending money on moments or special things, not just on every and anything.

To start off this prioritizing my money, my sister and I are going off to Blue Mountain for a ski day today. Which is really nice because we don’t spend much time together as of late, and it keeps us active!

This month I’ll be rekindling old loves and not spending a dime. Have you ever had a moneyless month? Do you have any advice for me to keep me in line?