Highlighting and contouring are huge trends that are definitely not going away. In fact, so many drugstore brands are coming out with their own versions of the contour kits that have been in high end shops for quite some time. The NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette caught my eye when I was last at Shopper’s Drug Mart (available online here) because it looks awfully similar to ones I’ve seen at Sephora but was afraid to fork out the cash for. I’m still new to contouring, so this palette lets me see what kinds of shades work where and for what, for half the price of comparable palettes. Priced at around $27 (however I bought mine on sale for $24), this is quite expensive for a drugstore find, but there are 8 shades with a great variety of tones, and the packaging is very sturdy. The individual pans also do pop out, however are not magnetized, but that’s easy enough to do to utilize them in another palette.

In the look above, I used 6 of the shades in this palette for a variety of different tasks. I was able to create the majority of this looking using exclusively this product, which I find so convenient and impressive! This palette would be great for travelling. All the shades work perfectly as eyeshadows, as I’ve used above, the lighter shades can be mixed to set under eyes and to strategically highlight the face and the darker tones are good for bronzing or contouring. All around a wonderful, diverse product! I highly recommend!

Have you tried this palette? What were your thoughts?