I was very curious to try out the new TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume products when I received them in the mail. I have never used a reverse wash system before so it seemed intriguing and definitely worth a shot! However, I was skeptical because my fine hair does get weighed down by conditioners (uhh… before this I hadn’t used a conditioner for about 2 years…) and my scalp is VERY sensitive so I always use shampoos directed at that concern. But I am willing to try anything out, and I’ve now used these products a few times, as a system and independently, and I must say I am impressed! 

This system is broken into two steps – condition THEN shampoo  – and is designed to eliminate heaviness and increase bounce by conditioning the hair first, then washing afterward. In the range there are also 3 styling products, of which I have only tried the Maximizer.

My favourite product in the line up by far is the Pre-Wash Conditioner because it’s so lightweight yet truly does smooth out all knots. I love that it comes with a pump because it makes getting the product so easy! I also really enjoy the Hair Maximizer, which adds volume to my hair, but it doesn’t feel like there is any sticky or stiff product. The shampoo, in my opinion, acts and feels much like other shampoos do, but according to the TRESemme website, they are only meant to work together. However, I have tried the conditioner alongside clarifying shampoos and still enjoyed the final result. This system truly does create lots of soft, manageable volume! 
Have you tried this products or are you curious about them?

*products mentioned are samples