I tend to always preface these makeup look posts by saying “this is something out of my comfort zone and I’m so happy with the result” and I really think I need to stop pointing that out, but it is so true! I only tend to feature looks that are different and more explorative here. I am very very happy with how this look turned out, it’s edgy yet feminine and simple but dramatic all at once!
In this look I’m using deep blue shadow to create a smudgy liner and a half cut crease. It’s a great alternative to the classic black. I used Colourpop Baby T Super Shock Shadow to create the wing and cut crease. I find the deep colours from Colourpop are amazing to use as liners, because the consistency is so creamy and it maintains its pigment much better than drier shadows do. I blended the cut crease out with one of the bronzer shades in the NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Kit (review here) and I love how the warm shade pairs with the deep blue I combined some of the highlight shades to bring some shimmer to the inner part of the eye and just did a lot of blending until it felt soft. I finished off the eye look using Ardell Baby Whispies lashes (!!! I’ve worn lashes maybe 4 times in my whole life, so I realize the application is kinda dodgy but, hey) and was inspired by Jen (blog here) when she used some Ardell lashes in a recent post!
The contour shade I used for my cheeks is also from the NYX palette – it’s so versatile, I get SO much use out of this palette! I used lots of The Balm Mary Lou Manizer to highlight everywhere – the cheekbones, nose and inner corners of the eyes. No blush here, I tend to prefer not to wear blush if I’m wearing a dramatic look, on my face it can feel too busy and “done”. Lastly, I used Colourpop Grunge Lippie Stix because the warm brown tone of it just pairs so perfectly with warm shadow. This would look just as great with a nude lip, but I love me a bold lip!
To take these images I actually used the flash on my DSLR which I never do! I’ve always had a fear that it would wash things out too much, but it captured colours fairly true to real life, I did minimal adjustments to bring them as accurately as I could. Do any of you have a preference to use flash or not? I think I’ll try it a few more times, but I’m not totally sure what is better!
What do you think of the look? I’d love to hear!