The All Nighter Liquid Foundation, the newest foundation launch from Urban Decay, had me very curious as soon as it hit the market, so of course I had to pick it up and give it a try! This formula makes some major claims that seemed to suit for my uneven, slightly oily and quite sensitive skin. Phrases like “modern matte” and “3 times the pigment” were all I needed to hear to be convinced that this was the foundation for me! I’ve now been trialling and testing it for 2 weeks, so I’ve definitely got a lot of thoughts on this formula. This is going to be a bit of a rambly post. 

With 24 shades, there’s a certainly a close match for everyone! The shades seem to be either quite yellow or pink, with little neutrals in the selection. After swatching a few shades, I opted to pick up 3.5 (above) which is actually a cool undertone when first applied, but it does oxidize to a more neutral shade. So be weary of that when picking out a shade, it will change! I was very happy to have walked around the store with 3 different swatches on my arm before making my final choice.

When it comes to application, I have found that it is best applied with a damp Beauty Blender as the formula is a little too dry to work into the skin with a brush. Mixed with moisturizer it does apply better with a brush, but that does sheer out the coverage and diminish the longevity of wear time. I have tried it with and without a few different primers, but haven’t found there to be any dramatic benefit to using one with this formula.

As for all it’s claims relating to coverage, they are so true! In the after picture here I have concealer under my eyes, but nothing on my spots! It is full coverage, but doesn’t look too much, if you know what I mean. Generally, there is no need to build this formula, but you can add a light layer on those areas that are more pigmented for maximum coverage.

The longevity is great and I find that it requires fewer touch ups than most liquid foundations I’ve used in the past. I don’t have issues with the product shifting or disappearing off my face whatsoever, but oils do still come to the surface, which I don’t mind at all. I’m curious to see how this holds up in the colder months, and will definitely have to do an update then!

Overall, it’s a great base for those of us with lots of pigmentation, redness or acne as it covers everything up in one easy step and lasts very well. A definite favourite of mine so far!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this liquid foundation if you’ve given it a try too!