As someone who struggles a lot with acne and uneven skin, I am constantly checking out skincare products and ingredients, hoping that they will help to reduce my break outs. A few months ago, I discovered the new NeoStrata offerings that contain glycolic acid as the main ingredient and opted to pick up the Oil Free Gel Cleanser. I had heard lots of things about glycolic acid in the past, but it was not an ingredient I had ever tried in my own skincare routine. I had often heard the term “chemical exfoliant” associated with the ingredient, but didn’t entirely know what that meant until I had the chance to use it myself! This acid effectively removes dead skin cells, in turn making the skin appear more fresh and feel less congested. I found that my skin felt so clean after using the cleanser, and so after a few short weeks, I ended up adding the Cleansing Foaming Water and Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion into my skincare routine. These products have been working wonders to keep my skin clean and combat breakouts! I’ve found this range to be very effective in my nighttime skincare routine, and am so pleased to finally feel like my acne is under control!

Have you tried these products? What items from this range do you recommend?