I have been extremely curious about the Foreo Luna Mini 2 for quite some time, so I finally gave in and picked one up a few weeks ago. I had seen some information about this cleansing face brush online on Sephora so spent weeks researching it, trying to determine whether it was a good fit to add into my skincare routine. This tool is intended to offer a gentle yet deep clean that will not irritate the skin. There are various speed settings and a built in timer to ensure you don’t over cleanse. This tool is also waterproof and recharegable. With all those features, I couldn’t resist trying it out! I’ve spent 3 weeks using it consistently and have a few thoughts to share now! Let’s dive in!
I opted to pick up this tool for a variety of reasons, but the first and most significant thing for me was the fact that this unit is made of silicone and so is extremely hygienic, perfect for my sensitive and acne prone skin. I really didn’t have any interest in having to repurchase a tool like this. I like that I don’t have to worry about this potentially causing breakouts for me overtime and it’s so easy to keep clean! My skin is quite congested and has active acne, so I don’t want to use a cleansing brush that could potentially hold onto and spread the bacteria.
The unit is fully waterproof and so can be used in the sink, shower or bath, without any risk. I love this feature because it is so easy to use in the shower after a long day when I don’t particularly want to do a full cleanse standing over the sink. It only takes a minute for a full cleanse in any case, so easy even for those rushed mornings!
When I first purchased it, I was using it morning and night to deep clean as the instructions on Foreo’s website suggest but I’ve recently opted to use it only on days when I wear makeup at the end of the day. I’m not sure as of yet if it’s as effective this way, but I’m giving it a try!
Unfortunately, after weeks of using this brush with a couple different cleansers (I’m currently using NeoStrata Oil Free Cleanser with Glycolic Acid & Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash) I have not noticed any dramatic changes with the amount of acne, but do feel that my hyper pigmentation has dramatically minimized. I can’t wait to keep playing and see how this really affects my breakouts. Because of the pulsations I do think it offers an effective exfoliation without being harsh whatsoever and that will definitely continue to help reduce the scarring and prevent active acne from spreading. I think after 3 months of use I can get a clearer opinion on this and will certainly update with a full review at that point!


Have you tried this tool? What are your thoughts? If you have yet to try it, do you intend on getting it soon?