I got some great feedback when I posted this glitter cut crease look on my instagram last week, so today I want to share the products that I’ve used to create this look. It was my very first attempt at a glitter cut crease and I loved the result! I definitely could have made the look more dramatic and heavy, but this is the softer version of the dramatic cut crease trend, which makes it more wearable, and easier to achieve. This would be absolutely perfect for holiday parties over Christmas & the New Year, and I’ll likely be wearing it at least once more this season. You could add a lid shade, or loose glitter to really amp this up as well. 

 For all of the shadows, I’ve used the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (review here) because I’m genuinely obsessed and actually cannot stop reaching for this gorgeous palette! The glitter crease is a combination of 2 great drugstore glitter options – NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Hip, layered on top of Annabelle Glitterama in Solar Flare. It did take some building and layering with both of these liners as that always seems to be the case with these kinds of products, but I love the dimension it has layering these two. I went in using my trusty Ciate London Fierce Flicks for this intense black wing, and brought it up to nearly meet the crease in order to really pull the look together. Lots of lashes (as always) complete this look, and here I am not wearing any falsies, but I do have 2-3 coats of The Balm Mad Lash Black Mascara for an intense, dramatic deep black result. False lashes would be a good addition to this look, however with my hooded eyes, I think the glitter crease would be totally hidden with my eyes open. 
I’ve opted to pair the look with a rich terracotta lip, here I’m using Ofra Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever for something a little unique, just because I always like to keep things a little unpredictable. Plus I love this orange-red with gold it feels festive without being too obvious. And that, I’m totally into!

Brow realness. They are getting out of control, and I hate to admit that I’ve yet to give them a clean up even still. Kinda into the untamed brow at the moment, so I have mixed feelings. It was not my intention to photograph this look because I was experimenting for the first time, but you know, if there’s no photo evidence, did it even happen? #bloggerlife

A little bit of definition in the crease with a simple glitter liner, a bold black wing and heavy lashes are all you need to create this look! It’s actually extremely simple, yet so effective. For the cheeks I’ve opted for a minimal contour to tie everything together, but not to overpower. No blush or highlight for me today. I wanted to avoid having this look too “done” because that is my personal taste, however, a golden highlight would bring a lot more glamour to this look, and that’s likely how I’ll be rocking it next time!

Would you wear this kind of makeup look this holiday season? I can’t wait to try it again!