When I saw Ofra Liquid Lipsticks on sale for 50% off for Black Friday I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out some of their much raved formula. I had been coveting Miami Fever for quite some time and this was the perfect time to add it to my collection. Because of the amazing discount, I decided to add the shade Fifth Ave to my cart – for research purchases, obviously not impulsive at all. I justified it by telling myself I got this warm metallic gold basically for free because both lipsticks were half price. The things we tell ourselves…
Yes, I know this shade is not for everyone. It’s likely not for most, but I was intrigued and sometimes I want to try crazy makeup because what’s the fun in doing “safe” looks? It’s just makeup, you can wash it off and give it away if it doesn’t work.
I had never ventured to try this brand because Ofra liquid lipsticks retail for $26.54 CAD each – these are pretty pricey in my opinion! Ofra is an indie brand though, they don’t test on animals and use quality ingredients. Their products are so raved about, so they must be worth the price tag. One major con about online exclusive brands, like Ofra, is that you can’t see colours in person before buying. Which can be tough when you have to fork out a higher price and shipping fees.
I was expecting this colour to be more a little brighter and less orange than it is in real life. On their website it looks more yellow in my opinion. But I actually am very happy it has a warmer tone to it because it makes this shade more wearable.  As you can see above, the metallic finish does seem to really emphasize the lines in my not-so-plump lips. Which is really unfortunate, but let’s bash my lips and not the formula in this instance because it performed much better when I swatched it on my hand.
The packaging bottle of Ofra Liquid Lipstick This shade is called Fifth Ave
I personally think that this would be a fun party or clubbing lipstick. In direct light it looks very gold, but in less light it reads as a metallic nude and I’m a huge fan of that. I think it would create a lot of interest and depth for any look!  I’m quite happy I decided to purchase this lippie on a whim when I picked up Miami Fever (here’s a look where I wore that shade) because it is so unlike anything else in my makeup collection. I think it would be gorgeous used in the centre of the lips on top of a burgundy or brown lipstick to create fullness and depth! There’s a few different gold lip toppers and glosses on the market now as well, so there are lots of ways to explore this unique shade!


morerebe demonstrating Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Fifth Ave, a yellow gold metallic liquid lipstick
Would you wear a bold gold shade like this? Have you tried this one in particular? Let’s chat!