The Pacifica Daydreamer Roll-On Trio contains 3 of the brands gorgeous perfumes. As with all of their products, these perfumes are vegan & cruelty free which is what initially drew me to this pack, but the unique scents are really what makes them amazing! For $19USD ($25CAD) you get to try 3 .33oz rollerballs of delicious, unique fragrances, all wrapped up in a gorgeous package, which is always to be expected of Pacifica!

I had been looking at the Pacifica perfumes for quite some time over the past few months as I ran out of my much loved MAC Turquatic Perfume and will not be repurchasing it. Unfortunately Pacifica is not very accessible here for me, so I was hesitant to purchase and commit to a specific scent. So when I discovered the variety of trios that they offer, I was excited and found that this one looked like it would suit my personal taste best. It contains 3 delicious scents: Tuscan Blood Orange, Indian Coconut Nectar, and Tahitian Gardenia

Tuscan Blood Orange is described as sparkling orange, mandarin and raspberry. And that is truly what it is. It smells a little sweet but mostly fresh and oh-so delicious! This scent leans a little feminine with the addition of berry, but it will be absolutely perfect for some freshness come summertime!


Indian Coconut Nectar is described as a sultry blend of coconut & creamy vanilla. It has a true vanilla scent, not artificial in the slightest, that is perfectly blended with coconut. I love coconut scents, so this really has my heart. It has a warm, comforting and totally intoxicating scent. I’ll be wearing this as the cold months continue! I think pairing it with Tuscan Blood Orange in the spring will be so delicious as well!


Tahitian Gardenia is described as a slightly citrusy aroma with jasmine, sweet orange and tea leaves. I honestly don’t know if I distinctly smell any of those, but the mix is beautiful. It is definitely the most herbal of the 3, which is likely the tea aspect. This is probably the scent I will be reaching for least often, but I think it will be perfect come those hot summer days for an instant refresh!
I purchased this set direct from Pacifica’s website. This trio (or any of the other scent combinations) would make a great gift for someone you love or for yourself! It’s a great way to feel luxurious and get to try out your options without spending a ton of money, and that’s why I’m always drawn to value packs like this. This brand is amazing and definitely one to check out if you have not!
Have you tried any of the Pacifica scents? Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions! 🙂