I know it’s been years since this product launched and the hype has definitely faded, however I recently decided to give the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade a try for myself.  I was not drawn to it in the past as I used to see it being used for very dramatic looking brows. But after seeing it used to create more natural brow style, I was curious. For $23 it is fairly expensive, but definitely worth the pricetag because I have yet to find anything else quite like it!

With a line up of 11 shades, the colour selection is very impressive. We often find brow products available in a handful of options, but as always, ABH knows brows best. The vast selection of shades means there is a near perfect match for everyone. I opted for a shade that is significantly lighter than my natural brow hairs – Taupe – to give the more full, unstructured shape I am after for my brows. I’m so happy with the result this shade gives, as there is not a discernible trace of product. And I’m all about that look at the moment! I could definitely see myself picking up a shade or two darker to create more bold brows for a different style and technique.
This pomade is easy to apply with an angled liner brush. It can be easy to go over board, so a spooly is definitely be handy, and the result is flawless! My brows last easily 12 hours with this product without smudging or fading and they are waterproof just to top it all off! I’m very happy to have picked this up, and would suggest that everyone give it a go because there are many ways to use this versatile brow product.
Have you tried the ABH Dip Brow Pomade? What are your thoughts on it?!