When Colourpop announced pressed singles were to be released, I knew I needed to give them a try! Colourpop hands-down is one of my favourite makeup brands. In the past 14 months since I made my first order from them, I’ve mentioned the brand countless times on my blog and instagram because I am just obsessed. From the branding, unique product selection, quality to price point this brand never fails to impress. I’m so happy to have picked up 4 of the shades from the massive launch of 31 shades. And I will most definitely be getting more in the near future!

Colourpop released 31 shades when they introduced this new formula, but I decided to try just 4 shadows from the Pressed Shadow range to start. A lot of the colours really stood out to me, but I decided I wanted to try the matte finish over the satin or metallic. I love what Colourpop does with metallics and shimmers in their Super Shock Shadow range and have a lot of those finishes in my collection. I thought that matte pressed powders may round the collection out a little more. I have my eyes on a couple of the metallic finishes now, but I’m going to wait to see what’s to come as I’m sure they will be launching more colours in the near future (or at least, I’m hoping they do!)
Left to right – Cute Alert, Stay Golden, Paper Tiger and Wait For It – all in the matte finish. The 4 shades I decided on actually ended up working really well together, and so I wish I got an empty palette. I actually was under the impression that every order of 4 pans would get a free palette, but they must have run out quickly after launch. The pans are magnetic, however, so they fit into my Z Palette with ease! I love this colour combo, and I have noticed that the shades are all made to work very well together from other reviews I have read.


As for formula, I am so impressed! The shadows are SO pigmented and for just $5USD ($6.60CAD) you really can’t go wrong. It’s a great way to build a personalized palette or play with some shades you may not find in other palettes. These are pressed powders, so they unlike the Colourpop shadow formula that we have all come to know and love. These actually have more of the traditional powder shadow feel and application. There is a little bit of powder kickback in the pan, but on the eyes the shadows blend beautifully and are near opaque in one swipe. I’m very impressed!

From the packaging, to the quality and shade selection, Colourpop has done it again with these shadows! They never fail to impress me, and I always suggest to everyone to give their products a try – there is something for every taste because the array of colours and formulas is always growing! This brand is cruelty-free and made in the USA and that just makes them even better and a brand I really love to support.

Have you tried the Colourpop Pressed Shadows? What were your thoughts?