The new Matt Matt Matt lipstick formula from Essence has just released and it’s a good one! With a selection of 8 shades in this new launch, there is something to suit everyone’s matte lipstick needs! And at $4.49CAD each, these suit every budget too! You honestly can’t go wrong with this new product launch.

Now that I’m here writing up this post, I really wish I would have just picked up the last shade to finish off the collection! But oh well, 7 of 8 is plenty to give my full thoughts, you get the point, right? I’ve been wearing this formula exclusively for the past week and so I have lots to say about them. Let’s just hop right in!

A comfortable matte formula

First thing’s first, this is an extremely comfortable and easy to wear matte formula. The colour glides on effortlessly and provides good colour payoff. The deeper shades, 06-08, take some layering to get to full opacity. I’ve actually been enjoying wearing the bold shades slightly more sheer as there is something very springy and fresh about that look! But it’s all a matter of personal preference, and both looks are easily achieved. Longevity for these is about 3-4 hours after application, which is fine by me, because I normally eat or drink coffee in that time frame and so require touch ups every single day, regardless of what product I’m using. The look of these is matte, but there’s nothing drying or heavy about the feeling. And I’m always a fan of these kinds of matte products!

The shade range is pretty comprehensive. With nudes, reds, berries and pinks, these 8 colours in this launch definitely are a good selection. There is something for everyone. Personally, I always crave a massive colour selection, so I’m really hoping that Essence decides to release more colours in this formula. The addition of orange, coral, brick red and deep purple would be great, but I understand that bolder colours aren’t a necessity to most makeup lovers! However, I think a lot of people would reach for Essence because the price is so affordable and the line is so accessible, so why not add some trendy shades?!

8 all-new shades!

01 Natural Kiss, 02 Perfect Match, 03 Wow Effect (not pictured), 04 Pink Up Your Life, 05 Red-y or Not?, 06 Kiss Me if you Can, 07 Purple Power, 08 It’s a Statement. These swatches are all in numerical order. While we are on the subject of colours, I really love how the caps correspond with the shade of the product inside. That’s always such a nice touch when you have (too many) lipsticks, like me. Colour co-ordinating lids make digging through my lipstick drawer that much easier!

Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks are now available at Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canada or online from Essence. For just $4.49 each, why not give this formula a try? If you have, what did you think?

*These items were received as a PR sample. As always, all opinions are my own.