I have been feeling stretched too thin as of late. There’s so much happening, that there seems to be little time to relax. In fact, when I get stressed, I tend to focus on making everyone else happy. Am I doing everything I can at work? Should I call my friends and family to catch up? Have I posted enough content on social media? (really, this one applies to personal and work)  I’ve come to realize that even when there isn’t much time for downtime, you need to make small moments that are special for me. I wish I could still spend days off relaxing, but just don’t have the time. There’s far too much happening at any moment that as soon as I sit down, I start thinking of everything else. So you need to make the little things count!

The goal is to do something that makes YOU happy – no matter how big or small

Because I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately, I make a point of focusing on the little things that make me happy. Here are some of my favourite ways to treat myself even with little to no money. We don’t need that extra stress involved here!

  1. A simple routine. Not every moment of everyday needs to be routine, but certain aspects of the day. It’s something to look forward to and consistency is appreciated, especially when everything else is hectic. Maybe your routine is taking a lunch break at the same time everyday. For me, I love my nighttime routine of cleansing my face, taking a bath or shower and then drinking a calming tea before climbing into bed.
  2. Wearing something bright and bold that you feel confident in. For me, I love statement necklaces and bold lipsticks. Whenever I wear something fun, I feel special (even if it’s most days) because of that little bit of extra effort. Plus, you feel even better when someone compliments you on those bold choices!
  3. Ordering a special coffee or drink. I usually make coffee at home before I head out for the day, but sometimes I will opt to leave a little early to go to a coffee shop to get myself something a little more fancy like an Americano or even a smoothie! Yes, it’s significantly more expensive, but if it’s a rarity, it makes it that much more special!
  4. Saying no even if it’s difficult. And, if you’re like me, it always is difficult. It’s okay no to extra tasks at work. It’s okay to reject an invite for dinner or a night out. If you need downtime or have other obligations, there’s no need to feel guilty. We all have those moments, and people generally understand.
  5. Say yes even if it scares you. I know, it seems contradictory, but I mean this in a completely different way. I’m the kind of person to default to saying no if something is out of my comfort zone. I’ve missed out on opportunities because of this. So say yes to events or parties or opportunities – even if it scares you! Because you most likely will enjoy it, and maybe it will inspire you!
  6. Go for a walk, or spend some time outside. One of the most calming and yet energizing things is being outside. Whether it’s a small break to listen to a podcast or walk to and from the grocery store, I always feel better when I spend time out in fresh air. I’ll even offer to shovel snow  at work just to spend some time outside. You don’t have to be adventurous or extremely active, just get outside!
  7. Order something online. This can get expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. Order something online that you’ve never tried before or have been curious about for a while. The anticipation of waiting for it to arrive is fun! And then, when it finally arrives, it’s like getting a present! Plus, you have something new to use.
  8. Tidy your space. Whether it be keeping paperwork off your desk at work or purging unworn clothes from your closet, it always feels good to be in an organized space. Clutter can cause a lot of stress. I love waking up in the morning and making my coffee in a clean kitchen. It sets a good tone for the day and makes the clean up easier for the future!
  9. Make or order a meal you’ve never tried before. I’m a bit of a foodie, so I get a lot of satisfaction out of trying new foods. It feels even better when I make it for myself and the final result is delicious! Even better, invite a friend who will appreciate it with you! Maybe, even try a meal delivery service so that all your ingredients are ready – less stress is always a good thing!
  10. Explore. This could mean taking a walk or drive in an area you’ve never seen before. When you go with the intention to simply observe, you appreciate it the journey and your surroundings. Why not visit the farmer’s market at a neighbouring city or make a day trip to a hiking trail you’ve never been on. New spaces and new experiences inspire you!

What are some things that you do to treat yourself? I love hearing your advice, so please leave suggestions below!