When I spotted the Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set last week I couldn’t resist picking it up. My intention was to revisit the Miracle Complexion sponge as I have used it in the past (loved it!) and wanted to try it out again. However, this trio lured me in as it contains the sponge and 2 brushes all in a limited-edition set. Unfortunately, as I’m sitting down to write this review, it looks like it’s no longer available! But no need to worry, all of these tools are available individually. So why don’t I let you know my thoughts on the contents?

The Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set packaging and contents displayed

Base Essentials

I love that Real Techniques does these collection sets. It’s a great way to get introduced to new brushes and to build an arsenal of brushes. This set contains 3, colour co-ordinated essential base tools. The Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set contains: the Expert Face Brush, Deluxe Concealer Brush and Miracle Complexion Sponge.

This is my second Expert Face Brush in my collection now. My original is nearly ready to be replaced (I bought it atlas 5 years ago) so the timing is quite perfect! This brush is perfect for buffing foundations, cream colour products and concealer. I’ve always considered this brush essential, and always take it whenever I travel as it is so multi-purpose. The bristles and quite dense and yet have a lot of movement, so it blends liquids and creams effortlessly. I was hoping that the quality would be the same for the Deluxe Concealer Brush, and am so happy to say it is! I’ve found this great for blending concealer under the eyes and on the face, but I’ve also really enjoyed it for applying creamy eyeshadow primer and cream highlighter! Another multi-use tool! Lastly, the Miracle Complexion sponge is another repurchase for me. I wrote a review on it OVER 3 YEARS AGO and haven’t purchased it since then. Maybe you’d like to see my thoughts on this sponge in that post, as my opinion hasn’t really changed. It’s another great sponge. Great for blending foundation and concealer. It’s great to use for baking concealer too! In addition to the brushes, this set contains a Mirror to-go Case. I have yet to use the case, but maybe it will be useful for travelling. It’s a nice touch, but definitely not an essential in my opinion.

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Deluxe Concealer Brush and Miracle Complexion Sponge

Another great collection from Real Techniques

Overall, I’m so happy I picked up the Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set! As always with Real Techniques, the brushes are all synthetic. This not only makes the brushes affordable, but they are also cruelty-free and so easy to wash! I’ve found that synthetic brushes last longer and hold their shape better than natural hair. Synthetic is my personal preference, and is the only type of brush I purchase these days! I have long loved Real Techniques and have been a fan of Sam & Nic of Pixiwoo, the sister duo that founded the brand. My collection of brushes by this brand is always growing, and I’ve written about them a handful of times over the years. If you’ve never tried anything by them, you may want to check out my favourites to get your collection started!

Real Techniques Mirror To Go Case with Deluxe Concealer Brush

Although this set is no longer available as a set on the Real Techniques website, you may be able to find it in-stores still. I picked mine up at Rexall for just $29.95CAD. All of these tools are available individually as well – it looks like the brand has decided to offer the concealer brush individually and I’m very glad they did!

Did you get this set? Will you be trying any of these brushes?