After seeing endless hype for the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Foundation, I needed to give it a try for myself! This liquid foundation retails for just $8CAD (just $5.99 for my US friends) and is getting so many amazing reviews comparing it to higher-end formulas. So, how could I not be intrigued?

The claims

Weirdly enough, this product doesn’t claim much at all. Both the packaging and the Wet n Wild website talk about how it performs under lighting conditions. Basically, this is said to give you camera-ready skin and reduce the white cast caused by photography. Strange claims. There is nothing about coverage, longevity, skin concerns. This was pretty weird to me when I started seriously looking into the product, but for $8 it was worth trying out on my own. I do love that Wet n Wild offers this in 20 shades, which is a great selection! The range does seem to be lacking in selection for darker skin tones, however.

The packaging

This foundation comes in a glass bottle, with a simple design. I adore this streamlined packaging. It looks so much more high-end than the price tag would suggest. The one thing that surprised me a little is the lid comes off with an attached paddle for application. I personally still apply this formula to the back of my hand, not directly to my face.

Another bonus for the packaging is that below the colour name, there is a description of the shade and the undertone. Right on the bottle! Making finding your perfect colour so much easier  – I love that! I picked up the shade Soft Beige, which is described as Light-Medium and Warm!

My thoughts

Whenever I think about this product, I generally tend to focus on the low price. After now having worn it most days for 2 weeks, I definitely have my thoughts all sorted out about this product. I dislike the applicator, the spatula is not something I am a fan of, I find it difficult to utilize exactly as much product that’s needed and it can be messy. Sometimes I like to do my makeup on the couch or in the car (yes, real life) and an open bottle of foundation could be a mess that I’m kinda terrified about!

That aside, I am impressed by this product. As you can see in the picture above, the coverage is medium to full, covering my acne and pigmentation. You can definitely build it, but there is a limit. Here I’ve used 2 thin layers on my cheeks and one layer everywhere else. This stuff can settle into my fine lines quickly, it can look especially bad on my smile lines. So less is more with this formula, and it is necessary to set with powder so it doesn’t budge! Once it’s set, it can last for 8 hours easily, even on my oily/combo skin.

I’ve heard A LOT of people say that it has a strong paint-like scent, and yes that is totally there. But I don’t find it lingers whatsoever. Beyond initially opening the bottle there is no fragrance, maybe mine has a milder scent than others.

I purchased mine off of well.ca because I couldn’t find it at my local Walmart or Rexall. I purchased from this Canadian company because the Wet n Wild website charges insane shipping rates to Canada. I’ll share my secret – well.ca is a great alternative for buying some of my favourite American-based brands like Wet n Wild and Pacifica Beauty!

Have you tried this foundation and what are your thoughts on it?