The Wet n Wild Color Icon Precious Petals Highlighting Powder caught my eye a few months back and I finally picked it up last week. After using ever since I picked it up, I feel like I’ve really gotten to know the product and must say, I’m very impressed. Given the low $7 CAD price tag, Wet n Wild has really exceeded my expectations with this highlighter! I’m excited to share my thoughts on this find!

The packaging

I’ll admit, the embossed flower design is what drew me to this product. I’m a sucker for pretty makeup! That pan is absolutely stunning! Again, this highlighter is so inexpensive, yet I feel like Wet n Wild put a lot of thought and care into creating a gorgeous little compact. The product is beautiful! The actual packaging itself is a little lacklustre, it’s the standard black back and clear front plastic packaging that all powder products by the brand tend to come in. It does feel sturdy and allows an easy view of the beautiful motif, so I really can’t complain!

Heavily swatched – there is a fair amount of base pigment, but a beautiful shine and finish regardless!

The product

Alongside it’s lovely design, this product has a great formula, performance and offers a lot of glow! The finish it gives is high shine without being glittery in anyway, it truly is a highlight. It can be built up or applied lightly, for whatever intensity you desire. I find that there is quite a lot of coloured pigment in this particular shade, and so for my skin tone, I can’t build up the product too much. Otherwise, it can look like a stripe of under-blended blush. I do need to go in very heavy handed and with multiple layers to run into this issue, but with a normal application, the pigment doesn’t bother me. If you are more fair than I am, I’m not too sure how this will perform. But it is most definitely worth checking out to give a try – it works great as a blush topper! I find that it lasts for a few hours before fading, but never looks patchy as it wears. It really is a great find!



I’m happy to have this added to my collection! There is one other shade in this formula that leans more golden I’ve also been eyeing up! Wet n Wild has really been stepping up their impact on the beauty scene, and it’s not going unnoticed! With so many new releases this year, they are definitely a brand to keep your eyes on. I reviewed the Photofocus Foundation a few months ago as well, definitely check that out too for some more Wet n Wild goodies!