My favourite time of year for fashion hands-down is summer. This time of years calls for effortless outfits comprised of bold colours, light fabrics and statement pieces. This is definitely the time of year to have fun with fashion! I would not consider myself to be a fashionable person, but this dress really makes me feel as if I am! Making an amazing outfit is easy when a statement piece fits you right and can be paired with everyday basics.

I finally found a dress that is flattering and fun, without being too fitted or hot! I have hunted all summer for this kind of piece. This Paisley Floral Shift Dress* from Tobiis the perfect, no effort piece that I can dress up or down – or somewhere in between like I did today! A lazy girl favourite!

The neckline and cut out on the back are highlights on this dress. The pattern and colours make it even more special. I just love everything about this dress! And I love how easy it is to integrate into my wardrobe, because it works so well with pieces I already own. I could see this dress paired with nude, brown, or tan, but today I went for my usual black. I can’t wait to play around and style it in more ways during the remainder of this season!

I’ve paired this dress with some of my summer staples. The Ray Ban Clubmasters are a truly essential pair of sunglasses as they are chic, cool and go with anything! I’ve had this pair for over 3 years now, and I adore them just as much as the day I decided to buy them. Down to the feet, I went with a simple pair of black strappy flat sandals, but any footwear could do!

The finishing touches of purple lips and green nails really tie the entire look together! I find stepping outside of my norm and into a fun dress like this helps to keep me inspired during the summer. I feel so confident in this cut, and love how much it elevates my wardrobe.

*Items were sent to me for consideration. As always, all opinions are my own.
  • Karen Tindall

    A lovely dress and I understand completely the need for something light and unrestrictive in the heat. I’m looking forward to choosing a fall wardrobe as the thought of wearing long pants and sweaters in the cooler temperatures is very appealing to me! Enjoy the rest of summer in your dress!

  • Ava James

    Great..l love that style and the colours its so flattering and summery 💛

  • Laura

    Gosh girl! I love the colour coordination!!