Yes, this blog is 4 years old! I’ve never celebrated a blogiversary before, but this is a pretty big milestone. It’s amazing and yet totally crazy to think that I’ve been posting snippets of my life and beauty obsessions on this platform for such a long time.

This is a long post, I apologize! But there’s a lot to say!

I think I’ve changed and learned a lot over the past 4 years. And yet, this blog is the one consistent thing that has remained. It’s my creative outlet, journal and fun. When I started this blog, I was in a totally different place in my life. I really was a different person. My voice, my aesthetic, my confidence have grown in these 4 years, and I think my blog has definitely benefited from my personal growth. When I started this journey, honestly, I was feeling pretty confused. I felt alone, I was lost. I was constantly letting myself down, I felt like I kept making mistakes and wanted to create somewhere where only happy things lived and somewhere I could meet people with similar interests.

When this all began, blogging wasn’t what it is now. I didn’t know people made careers out of blogging, I didn’t know I could get sent products for free to review or asked to attend events. I just knew I had to give myself somewhere to talk about anything at all. It really did start that way, as an outlet. And that’s exactly how it remains today. It’s never been about numbers, followers, stuff or money. It still isn’t. I’m sure a lot of you think that’s absurd, because blogging takes so much time and effort, but I do it because I genuinely love the process. From discovering products to talking to new people and product photography, I love every moment of blogging.

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Since the last outfit post I did got a lot of great feedback, I wanted to share another outfit recent. It’s super simple yet again, really casual and cozy. But as I ‘ve said, I really don’t tend to be “fashionable” I just know what works for my lifestyle and what I feel good in!

Sweater Value Village / Leggings Gifted / Ankle Boots Le Chateau (no longer available) / Necklace Gifted / Rings Forever 21, and Kensington Market  / Nail Polish Rimmel
Everything in this outfit was either gifted, thrifted or is no longer available. Sorry about that! But the silhouette is easy to achieve and these are basic pieces, so I hope this is still alright to show off! I would also like to note that I realized once I got home that the shots of my shoes were out of focus, so took these ones around 11pm.. whoops! My rings are all so old and worn that the silver layer has completely come off too, but it ties in with the disgustingly faded ends of my hair that just WILL NOT wash out!
Here’s the outfit I wore on Tuesday, I spent a few hours at school, doing a bit of running around and grabbing buffet dinner I wanted to be comfortable, warm and have room to fill up! It also was a super cold day here so warmth was essential. There was no risk of snow or rain, so I spent the day in the closest thing to a heel you will ever see me in. Of course I had on a jacket, mitts and hat, but that stuff isn’t really interesting enough to photograph. I’m boring and wear the same outerwear most days, so the outfit underneath those layers is what I want to focus on. I love wearing oversized sweaters with these fleece-lined leggings. This sweater is actually a plus size (1x) which I bought last fall for $7! I roll the sleeves to make to give it a more fitted shape, and I love that it’s long enough to wear with leggings, but not too long to make me look (too) frumpy. The v-neck also keeps it from looking like I’m a child playing dress-up in mommy’s clothes. As a bonus, this is the closest thing to pyjamas because this is such a warm outfit. I’ve worn this too many times to count… to mix it up I tend to wear different accessories and footwear. Sometimes I’ll layer a collared shirt under too for a smarter look.
I really need to bleach my ends, to get rid of that blue that has been lingering for wayy too long! 
What kind of cozy outfits have you been wearing lately?!