I have been feeling stretched too thin as of late. There’s so much happening, that there seems to be little time to relax. In fact, when I get stressed, I tend to focus on making everyone else happy. Am I doing everything I can at work? Should I call my friends and family to catch up? Have I posted enough content on social media? (really, this one applies to personal and work)  I’ve come to realize that even when there isn’t much time for downtime, you need to make small moments that are special for me. I wish I could still spend days off relaxing, but just don’t have the time. There’s far too much happening at any moment that as soon as I sit down, I start thinking of everything else. So you need to make the little things count!

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 If you had told me a year ago that I would be writing this post, I’d think you were crazy! I have never needed glasses until about 6 months ago. I tend to only wear my glasses at work, as they are for screens, so today I’ve got my tips & tricks of how I do my makeup not only to flatter my face with glasses, but this is also a great neutral workday look. It’s important to have a quick, flattering and easy look in your arsenal for everyday. And those products have got to last for a full 8 hours (and beyond!) and I’ve finally found a routine that works well for me, so I wanted to share it with you today.

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Happy weekend! I was doing a more simple makeup look from what I usually feature here on my blog, so I thought I would sit down and show you the process. This is terrifying, but let’s see how it goes! I just grabbed a makeup bag filled with lots of my favourite products and took some time to play around. I hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

I definitely learned there is way more strategy to filming than I had anticipated, so this video is definitely a little bit all over the place and could be improved 1000 times. But I just wanted to get it out there and get the ball rolling. I have a few more video ideas lined up that I hope you’ll like too!

I love seeing empties posts! There’s definitely a satisfaction in seeing a product used up, especially if you’re like me and use a lot different things on an everyday basis. Recently, a ton of products came to their end all at once, so I wanted to share with you those things!

For makeup, there is definitely a theme in this collection. Nothing too interesting here but this grouping of products is a pretty good display of the hot summer we just experienced. There are 2 powder foundations I used right until the end – Kat Von D Lock-it Powder Foundation in Medium 52 and the much more affordable NYX Stay Matte but not Flat Powder Foundation in Natural. Both of these are great powder foundation options with great coverage and longevity. I honestly can’t say I prefer one over but the Kat Von D offering was slightly deeper so I would apply it in the morning and the NYX was a lighter shade which I prefer for mid-day touch ups. Another product I used a lot this summer was setting sprays. 2 of which I finished were Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray and NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray, both of which lock your makeup in place so it lasts very well even through oil & sweat! I loved the Joe Fresh Illuminating Concealer in Light/Medium (read a review here) which had great coverage and is super affordable! I used up yet another NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown which is probably my very most favourite brow product, yet have yet to repurchase, I’m trying out something new at the moment. And lastly, I completely finished a pan of NYX Cream from the Highlight & Contour Pro Palette (review of the palette here) which I have already repurchased and have popped into the palette!

For skincare and other beauty products there truly isn’t a theme, it’s kind of a strange collection of things but here we go! I was sent Kismet Coco Rinse and used up all the packets promptly, you can see my full thoughts here. I’ve already repurchased another of the NeoStrata Oil Free Gel Cleanser 4% Glycolic Acid (post here) because I am obsessed and think it’s so effective for my skin! I mentioned in my last empties post that I had picked up the Garnier Micellar Water and I’ve already finished up 2 bottles! It’s super effective and affordable, and I think it’s a great alternative to other more expensive options.

The last 3 things are products I didn’t find to be particularly special or impressive to me, but of course, I wanted to touch briefly on them – First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer was a decent product, but didn’t do anything that made me want to repurchase it. I just finished it because I had it, simply put. The Manic Panic Hair Colour Cream in Cotton Candy Pink is a weird one to throw in here but I did use it all and it didn’t really work for me at all! I was so disappointed that the colour only ever lasted about 2-5 days for me and I applied it on 3 different occasions hoping it would hold. The colour would fade before I had even washed it! So I’m hunting for a longer lasting hair colour option if there are any suggestions! And lastly after hearing raves about the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask i picked it up over a year ago and just finished it a while ago. There are more effective masks out there that don’t have such a steep price tag!

What products have you finished recently? Do you have any suggestions for products I should replace these ones with?

There is no denying that the embossed design of the powder products in the Physician’s Formula Argan Wear line is absolutely stunning and exactly the reason I picked up these items when I saw them. Physician’s Formula did an amazing job when designing these products, so I couldn’t resist adding them to my collection. 
I picked up the Ultra Nourishing Oil Powder in Beige and the Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Blush in Natural. The shade selection is so limited, with only 2 shades to pick from the powder and the blush. Both of these products claim to improve skin texture and brighten dullness. I typically just roll my eyes when I see such nonsense, as these claims never impact my decision when it comes to buying makeup. The infusion of argan oil made me very curious to see how it would make the products perform and last. 
With the limited colour selection, it is near impossible to be steered in the wrong direction. The shades are definitely best suited from fair to light-medium skin, as I find the pigmentation to lacking. In the swatches below, you can see how minimal the colour payoff is for both products, or can you even see the face powder, on the left? There is one darker shade in the blush, but when I saw it in store, it looked very similar. I don’t think that sheer coverage is a bad thing whatsoever, and I like products that are buildable instead of packing on too much punch from the start, but I do dislike how it is only suited to a small spectrum of skin tones which is a common theme I have seen and heard with Physician’s Formula as a brand.  

Unfortunately, for me, the fragrance (I assume the argan oil) in these products is far too strong which really disappointed me. The blush was blendable and adds a lovely hint of glow, and the powder was nearly undetectable on my face and for these reasons, I’ve tried to wear them several times and the scent just lingers all day. I don’t like the scent upon application, and I surely do not like it after being at work for 8 hours. I will have to pass these off to someone who isn’t as sensitive to scents, and hope she gets some use out of them! 
Have you tried these products? Are there other products in the line you recommend?