What a gorgeous palette! The Makeup Geek x Kathleen Lights Highlighter palette (available here) features 3 diverse highlighter shades that are made to be suitable for all skin tones. After having this palette in my collection for about a month, I’ve had a lot of time to trial and play. I’ve been reaching for this exclusively ever since it arrived in the mail! It is my first ever Makeup Geek product in my collection, and I already can’t wait to try more! But for now, let’s chat about this palette!


I love both Makeup Geek & Kathleen Lights’ YouTube channels, so once this product was launched, I had seen it quite a lot. I honestly didn’t think it was something I needed to add to my collection at first, as much as the packaging and shade range drew me in. After seeing this collaboration highlighter palette talked about all over the internet for what seemed like months, I decided one day to just bite the bullet and pick it up! It is limited edition, and so if you are curious about it too, I would definitely suggest to buy it sooner than later (am I enabling?) Do keep in mind that although it is $39USD the conversion to CAD is steep – about $52! Which is an awful lot for 3 highlighters. Factor in shipping, I paid $61 to get this palette in my hands.
Price aside, I do totally think it is worth it if you are so inclined to spend that on a palette. I 50% justified the price because the purchase was obviously for research purposes, but also because I don’t own many highlighters in my collection. This palette just about doubled my highlighter selection! Which I think makes it a great way to look at buying palettes instead on individual pans.

Left to right: Nightlight, Starlight, Sunlight – so much pigment and shine!
There were so many mixed reviews on the colour selections with many people saying the colours were too dark or too pigmented for many skin tones. I think the array of shades and inclusivity of the selection is what sets this palette apart. I don’t thin that’s a con whatsoever. I think that this diversity of colours actually gives the opportunity to experiment and try new things. I’ve been enjoying mixing colours together, using these as eyeshadows and trying different uses. The rosy pink shade, Starlight, actually is an amazing blush-topper kind of product to use in place of the standard highlighter placement. Nightlight & Sunlight mix together well to create a glow overtop of an all-over bronzed look.

Isn’t the fun in makeup the opportunity to experiment and try new things? This palette allows that for me. On my light skin, I can’t wear the coppery bronze shade, Sunlight, on it’s own, but I make it work for me in ways I have never tried before. I truly think that every skin tone can use the shades in this palette and make it work for them! These shades blend and pair so well that you immediately see how much care went into this product.

This palette was Makeup Geek’s first highlighter product, and it’s a good one! They really did an amazing job from packaging, to shade selection, to formula. This collaboration was so well executed and was a great introduction to the brand for me. Makeup Geek has now released a full range of highlighters since this was launched, and again, I am seeing mixed reviews. I am curious to try them out myself though!

Of course, I can’t help but say it – Happy New Year, everyone! I can’t believe that it’s already 2017. I have lots of big ideas and aspirations for this New Year, and I hope you’ll stick with my through it! Ever since my 25th birthday in November, I’ve been really itching for some changes and I’m making them slowly, so I really can’t wait to see how much healthier and happier I can be in 2017!

Have you tried this palette? Will you be buying it before it is no longer available?