As you may already been able to tell, I’m having a serious moment for bold lip products! A lot of my recent instagram & blog posts have been focused on the lips more than anything else. It’s been lots of fun experimenting with how to style and pair unconventional colours. ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Marshmallow is no exception to this trend I’m on at the moment.

Marshmallow is described as a greyed-out lavender, and that’s pretty accurate if you ask me. It is a cool toned, pale purple definitely leaning more grey – a very unique shade that I think is unlike anything else on the market. And for only $7.75 ($6 USD) it really is cheaper than almost anything else. The fact that it pulls quite grey makes it very easy to pair with so many different colours and is suitable for all year round, I think it is an amazing summery shade or a refreshing tone for winter.

Needless to say, ColourPop done good with this shade. It’s so unique and pretty flattering considering what a crazy colour it really is! The formula is so comfortable and lasts well! I wore this one for 4 hours before taking it off, it didn’t really seem to set, but being that it is a satin formula, I didn’t expect that at all. It’s comfortable and eye catching and fun, and that’s just about all I could ever ask for!

The easiest way to pair a bold lip is to go with something fairly simple on the eyes, and I’ve done just that in this look. It was created using minimal but effective products. Both the upper and lower lash lines are quite smudgy and blown out, with loaded up lashes, but nothing heavy, bringing the all the attention to those bold lips! I actually filmed a kind of get ready with me style video on this, so stay tuned for that for all the products & techniques used!

I do want to experiment with more dramatic looks using this lippie in the future for sure. Any recommendations on shadows or products to pair this lippie with? Please let me know or leave links to ways you’ve used this shade if you own it too!