This is a colour I couldn’t resist. I loved the look of the vibrant red colour on the bottom of the bullet and when I filled it over to see the name, Neon Red, I just knew I needed to bring this colour home. It is just the kind of colour I have been missing from my lipstick collection, I don’t have anything else like it! This colour is so bold and definitely grabs attention. There’s something so contemporary about it, this red does not feel like a classic shade at all because of it’s vibrancy. This shade is not for those who are colour shy! It is a warm red, with just the slightest hint of orange. 

At Shopper’s Drug Mart, unfortunately there aren’t testers for the shades of Joe Fresh Beauty, so I purchased this simply based on the swatch at the bottom of the tube – and thankfully it is so accurate! I got exactly the colour I was expecting. As for the formula, it’s quite different than I anticipated. This is labelled as a matte formula, when in fact it is more of a satin. In these photos, it’s obvious how much sheen there is in the finish. It never truly sets or dries, which means lots of maintenance and for someone like me, lots of worry whether it’s sitting still on my lips or somehow wandered across my chin or cheeks (it’s happened too many times before)!

I still really love it, even though the formula is very slippy. I’m curious to see whether the formula differs between colours or if this is what they are all like. The glossy look makes this shade more wearable as it’s more forgiving! Sheered out, it creates a totally new look for this shade and it’s so beautiful and effortless for both lips and cheeks actually! I love the colour so much and how versatile this product can be, so the price tag of $10 seems pretty fair to me. 

PS I know I am having a bit of a lipstick moment. I can’t seem to stop posting about lip colours and I’m not even sorry about it!

Have you tried this bright red colour? If you’ve tried other colours from the range, I’d love to hear your thoughts too!