When I heard about Kismet Essentials Coco Rinse, I found myself excited and curious to bring oil pulling into my morning routine. I read a lot about the brand, and a lot about the product because I have tried oil pulling in the past, and loved it in theory, but just couldn’t keep myself committed. The convenient packets that Kismet provides and minty flavour seemed to be better upgrades my previous experiences with oil pulling and so I opted to give the kit a try!

Oil pulling is most effective when done in the morning before any eating or drinking or even brushing your teeth, so for 2 weeks, it was the first thing I would do in my morning routine. The packets make it easy to know exactly how much product to use and allow you to warm the oil under water or between your hands to liquify it which makes the oil so much easier to use! Coco Rinse features a cool mint flavour, which tastes like your mouth is getting clean right from the first moment! I think the addition of mint is ingenious because it makes oil pulling feel like the standard oral care products we are so used to.

Coco Rinse great because of the upgrades they have given the traditional oil pulling method and yet still retains all the amazing benefits coconut oil provides. Fresher breath, whiter teeth, a cleaner mouth and healthier gums are just a handful of the benefits and you can read more of them here. Not only is this an effective and innovative oil pulling kit, it also is so well packaged and branded and it makes oil pulling more approachable for everyone.

If you’ve been curious about oil pulling, or have tried it in the past, but didn’t enjoy the taste or consistency, definitely give this kit a try! After using it for 2 weeks, I have found my teeth to be whiter and my smile looks brighter! I love that I can get clean teeth and fresh breath while I’m in the shower or curling my hair or reading a book.

Have you tried this kit? Please let me know your thoughts below!