Today I have a look that definitely has an element of drama, but is also extremely wearable for a dinner or work day. In this look I’ve opted to keep everything very tonal and it is very much inspired by the fall leaves with their rich warm tones. I’ll admit, there isn’t anything revolutionary about the technique or even the final result, but I was so happy with this look I had to share!

This look is extremely easy to create because it is simply a gradient between only 3 eyeshadows. Lots of blending is involved and that’s crucial, but other than that, it’s so easy to replicate. This technique of using the deepest shade on the lid, the middle shade in the crease and the lightest shade to buff it all out is extremely easy to use and can be duplicated for a variety of different colour families and combinations! As long as you blend, even unexpected colour pairings can work together, so definitely try this technique in lots of different ways! 
In this look I used: 
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Mittens – a deep, warm violet – all over the lid, concentrating the colour there and no bringing it into the crease. The colour can get somewhat lost on my hooded eyes, but I feel it’s best to not bring that shade too high or else the whole look can get too much. 
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Elixir – a warm terracotta – loosely in the crease, going onto the lid and also up toward the brow bone to allow for seamless transitions. 
NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in STFU – a pure yellow – as the transition shade between my skin tone and the terracotta. This colour adds a pop to the whole look while also blending out the deeper shades. 
On the lips, I went for a very metallic finish because the eyes are so matte. This look would be great with a berry, brown, nude or red, but I’ve opted for NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Creme in Speed of Light as it keeps this look very tonal. The finish and the shade of this lipstick are both unexpected for this season, yet I think are perfect at this time of year!
On the cheeks, nose and cupid’s bow I’m using a combination of the 2 warmer shades from the City Colour Highlight Trio and love the natural glow it gives! 

This season I’ve been finding myself so much more inspired to create interesting and unique looks than I have ever been in the past! I have lots more ideas and can’t wait to keep sharing them with you! I post tons of my looks on instagram, so be sure to keep following me there for more creative inspiration!

What other colour combinations would you use to replicate this eye technique?