I was kindly sent some items from Raspberry Mint to try so I could share my thoughts with you all! This brand really caught my eye because they are Canadian-based and offer products with amazing, natural ingredients. They are also certified cruelty-free which makes me very happy as a consumer, and I love sharing brands with amazing ethical stances like Raspberry Mint. After having these for about a month now, I’ve been able to give them a fair try and can’t wait to tell you all my thoughts!
When my items arrived in the mail, I was so happy to see the quality packaging with it’s simple and utilitarian styling. The products were both well sealed, and I know this may not be notable usually, but for a small company that just launched, I was so happy to see the effort and thought was there!  I received 2 items, but the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask (available here) was the one I was most excited about because it claims to remove toxins & impurities while toning & tightening. The claims of this mask seemed so vast and effective, I knew that my troublesome, acne prone skin would love the benefits! Since receiving this product, I have used it a couple times and did find the tightening properties to reign quite true. My acne is so stubborn, so unfortunately I have yet to see any benefits in that regard. I would be interested to try this as a spot treatment however, to get a better idea of it’s clarifying properties!

This massive tin contains a whopping 90 grams of the Diva Night Repair for Lips (available here). This product has a lots of amazing ingredients and a gorgeous cherry-cola type of scent that I was pleasantly surprised by! This tin is going to last me absolutely forever because a small amount goes quite far, the oils seem to melt the moment you touch the product and so it smooths over and coats the lips so easily! Although it is marketed for use overnight, I actually prefer to apply it when I am beginning to apply my makeup so that it absorbs into my lips by the time I apply lipstick. It’s not too thick or rich and so wipes off easily and sinks in quickly!

This is a new brand that has quickly determined their target demographic and their niche so I am so excited to share them with you! I really respect that they have opted to provide cruelty-free products with quality ingredients and packaging. We need exciting up-and-coming Canadian brands like this! The branding choices do leave a little to be desired, but I think that will come with time. I love that their website is easy to use and I’m really excited to see what this brand will do in the future!

Shop their full selection of amazing items at: and please let me know what you think of this brand!


These products were to sent to me to review.