There are so many great new launches from Essence for Spring/Summer 2017 – the Essence Satin Touch Blushes* being the one I was most excited about! When I was at an Essence event a few weeks ago, these were the products that drew me in the most. Maybe it’s that gorgeous embossing or the neutral tones or simply the fact that I love the formula of the Silky Touch Blushes by Essence. There’s just something about these that make me happy and I left the event looking forward to giving them a try!

This new formula is part of the Spring/Summer ’17 Collection launch by Essence. With 2 shades, the range is quite small, but the colours are both gorgeous and the formula is unlike any other drugstore offering I’ve tried! I’ve been using these 2 blushes exclusively for the past 2-3 weeks! I haven’t touched any other formulas in my collection – so I’m more than ready to share my thoughts with you!

2 new shades

When I first picked these up, I was a little underwhelmed by the similarity between the 2 shades. I wish that there was more contrast between the shades. Satin Coral has a more peach/coral tone (as the name suggests) and Satin Love is more of a nude tone. However, on the skin, I do think that they give a very similar finished effect. See the image below for a comparison between both colours, worn in one look. These shades would suit a wide range of people’s taste and skin tones, but it does not encompass all. Both colours are the kinds of products that go with absolutely any makeup look, in my opinion. I think that it was a safe and smart shade range for the Essence to release.

Above: wearing – Satin Coral on the cheeks and Satin Love as a transition shade on the eyes.

A brand new satin formula

For just $3.99CAD each, I really shouldn’t have anything to fault! And I truly do not, other than the lack of diversity between shades. As for formula, these are very blendable and quite pigmented! There is a silky finish that applies on the skin so evenly and effortlessly – a rarity when it comes to drugstore powder blushes. I think this formula performs so well simply because it is a satin finish. There are no chunks of glitter, or a dry matte look, but the perfect finish right in the middle. This powder provides a healthy glow without the use of shimmer. The finished effect is natural and healthy and absolutely perfect for a fresh-faced look! These shades lend perfectly to that healthy-flush look if that’s what you’re after, look no further! Plus, the longevity is surprising – these wear for a few hours without fading. I love blushes that wear a little though the day, and these do just that without disappearing.

Isn’t the design of these so gorgeous? For the low price point, I’m astounded by the amount of time that went into the design. These look like they are worth much more than the $4 price tag!

Will you be trying the Essence Satin Touch Blushes? If you have, please let me know what you thought about them!

*This item was received as a PR sample. As always, all opinions are my own.