The Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Concealer claims to be a full-coverage formula that covers flaws and imperfections. It is said to have antiquing ingredients that provide moisture to the skin. It is said to be ideal on blemishes and the underage area. So many amazing claims that I just could not resist! It feels like I have been on the hunt for the perfect under eye concealer for a long time! My under eye area is quite dark, with some fine lines and fairly dry. Talk about being against all odds! Seriously! And so I am constantly looking on the Sephora app under the “Top Rated” concealers, and spend a lot of time watching video reviews on YouTube on this search.

The Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Concealer is rated just over 4 stars on the Sephora website, with many rave reviews. 6 weeks ago I purchased it to give it a shot myself. I have been using it off and on ever since, but unfortunately, my hunt for the be all and end all concealer will continue!

My thoughts

This concealer retails for $38CAD for a fairly small glass pot, containing only 0.17oz of product. It is quite pricey in relation to other products, but I personally am willing to spend more if the product performs! It is available in 7 shades, I think this line up is seriously lacking. It does not run very deep in my opinion and does not cover a vast enough selection of undertones, especially being that this is marketed to be used on both the eyes and face. That being said, the shade 2 Alive is a great match to my skin colour, while adding a brightness to the under eye area.

Before & after using the Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Concealer in 2 Alive

This product is extremely emollient but does not ever seem to set. Application is easy, I use my ring finger to apply it directly to my under eye area. However, as I work the product into the skin, it feels more greasy and slides around instead of adhering down to the skin. After only a few minutes of wear, the formula settles into my fine lines and is extremely difficult to smooth out, even before being set with powder.

As you can see in the photo above, it does offer some coverage, but I feel like the darkest hollow still is not brightened. This is a medium coverage at best on my discoloured skin.

I will keep using this product as I think $38 is a lot of money to spend on a product. But I do not think it is remotely close to the value of the price tag, nor is it a product I would suggest. I have used it a few times on blemishes, and ran into the same issue of it not setting. There is just too much glide! I’d say save your money and skip on this product. It may work for those of you that have perfectly smooth under eyes with little discolouration… But your money could be better spent on something like 6 of the Wet N Wild Photofocus Concealers.


Have you tried this product? Please let me know what your experience with it was like!