Of all the holiday releases so far, the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow palette caught my eye. I saw this palette popping up in my instagram feed leading up to the release date and just could not resist. I knew I needed to add this beauty to my shadow collection! The promo video, the packaging and the presentation of this palette were simply irresistible. Fenty Beauty has been killin’ it in every single way! I purchased the palette on it’s Friday October 13th release, and have been using it ever since!

The product

As mentioned, the packaging is phenomenal. The oil-slick hyper reflective packaging is captivating. It is intriguing, unique and yet ultra-refined. I adore this packaging so much! Open up the sleek palette and you’ll find a huge mirror alongside 14 celestial-inspired glitter eyeshadows.

The shadows

There are 14 shades in this palette.The shadows are all shimmery and glittery – perfect for the holiday season! There are different formulas within this palette however, as some shades perform best as toppers and others are true eyeshadows. I love the phrase “star-dusted” that the brand uses to describe this finish! Each shimmering colour truly feels star-dusted, for ultimate glimmer.

Top row – Oh-Zone, Xtra Terrestrial, Lightyear, Planet Ex, Ultraviolit, Sublime, Milky Way

Bottom Row – Cosmic Ocean, Meteor Crush, Jupiter Sand, Mars on Fire, Midnight Bolt, Space Owt, Sunburst

The shadows

There are some colours with strong base pigment, making them perfect to wear on their own. Other shades seem to perform more like packed glitter and so look best when layered. They can be used to intensify the colours in this palette or in combination with any other eyeshadows. There is a great variety of tones and a beautiful colour selection that works well together or alone for a bold statement. The pans are packed perfectly, making picking up and applying each shadow very easy!

It is to be expected that there will be fall out, which I have experienced a lot with this palette. It is easiest to apply every shadow with a damp brush or finger. I personally don’t own a glitter glue, but I would expect that would prevent fall out as well! I have found that it is essential to do my base after eyes with this palette. Even then, sometimes the glitter does stick down to concealer and foundation.

My thoughts

As a makeup enthusiast, I couldn’t resist picking this palette up. I was curious to see what eyeshadow formulas by this new brand would perform like, and I wasn’t disappointed. An all shimmer palette, however, is not essential to the everyday person. In fact, it’s not an essential whatsoever. If you want to wear glitter everyday, you do you! I certainly will be reaching for this every so often, and am happy to have added to my collection!

Will you be picking up this palette? Are you impressed with the Fenty Beauty line so far?