I feel happy when I reach for products that sparkle, and love adding glitter into my routine. Glitter should not be considered just occasion makeup in my opinion. I love adding a touch of something special. It makes me feel pretty & confident. Today I want to share an easy way to incorporate glitter & colour, even on an average day!

Use with your everyday staples

You’ll have the most confidence adding glitter when the rest of your routine is your everyday products. I choose to wear the medium-full coverage base with nude cheeks & lips that I know I feel comfortable with using and wearing. The lips in this look are the Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Le Marc Lip Creme topped with the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb and I love the finish of this combo, even with my very dry winter lips. As for the eyes, this month I am doing a One Month One Palette with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance and so of course I opted to reach for a couple shades from this palette. I added Warm Taupe and Buon Fresco into the crease to create depth.

Minimal product = high impact

The look is fairly simple and “everyday appropriate” – do you guys know how much I dislike makeup rules? Using less product makes this look effective and truly feels special. I added the stunning Stila Glitter & Glow Eyeshadow in Into The Blue onto the lids with my ring finger. This sheered out the colour and created a less intense finish. It is always better to start with less & work your way up, right? I add a little more glitter to the center of the eye because I think this gives my eyes a more open and rounded look. On my eye shape, the glitter barely peeks through when my eyes are open, this will work differently for everyone.

Create a colour story

I feel like the muted purple tone of Buon Fresco pairs perfectly with the bright dimension of the glitter on the lid. Pairing a muted matte with a bold glitter will subdue the look and help ground the glitter. For another fun pop of colour, I added the Colourpop Zulu Creme Gel Liner (review here) into my waterline because it pairs so well with the dimension. This colour is running through the sparkle of the glitter. You could totally keep this look tonal with a fuchsia or lavender too – whatever your comfort zone & collection allow.

Please enjoy the mascara mess on my upper lid, I always do that!

It’s really easy to incorporate glitter, it really doesn’t have to be intimidating! I hope this post gives you a little confidence to wear glitter & colour in your everyday looks. I have used these simple guidelines to create a wide array of looks in different colour schemes and with different products as well.

Would you wear something like this? What colour combos or products are your faves?