To say I was excited when I saw Bite finally announce the Scorpio shade in their Astrology series is an understatement. I’ve been patiently waiting all year to see what direction they would take for the Scorpio shade. Why does Scorpio season have to be ALL the way in November?


This lipstick is a bright, warm toned orange-y red in their must-have Amuse Bouche formula. I’ll be the first to admit, this is not the shade that comes to mind when I think of the mysterious, alluring and passionate qualities of the Scorpio. However, this shade speaks to the bravery and fierceness. I personally am quite happy this is what was released, because it’s unexpected. Bite has perfectly encompasses the daring nature of the Scorpio.

The Amuse Bouche formula by Bite has been a long-time love of mine (post here) and my collection has grown quite a bit! (I’m thinking I will have a post of my collection soon, what do you think?)



Of course, I couldn’t pass up on this lipstick, it’s unlike anything else in my collection. This is the kind of shade I have had in mind to make if I ever have the opportunity to go to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. How did they get it so spot on?

It’s been so much fun watching the new release each month during the Astrology Series! You can actually purchase the full Astrology set on Sephora now! I think it would make a fun addition to any makeup collection, or to gift a lipstick lover over the holidays!

What do you think about this shade?