There is something truly undeniable about Charlotte Tilbury products. The beautiful rose gold packaging and marketing verbiage always catch my eye. I must admit that the Magic Away Liquid Concealer is no exception. With it’s gorgeous, sleek packaging & claims of offering perfect-looking skin everyday, this concealer definitely had me intrigued right from the start.

The luxury brand has caught my eye since it’s arrival on the makeup scene, but I’ve never delved in until very recently. I actually purchased the Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette for myself last month, after lusting over it for literally years! So when Faulhaber Communications reached out to me about trying a couple new items from the brand, of course I was over the moon! I feel so fortunate to have such opportunity. The Magic Away Concealer* has intrigued me since it was launched, and I am so grateful to try it out to share with you guys! So let’s hop into it!

The specifics

This concealer claims to be full coverage, perfect for covering up blemishes and brightening under eyes. I definitely can attest to it’s amazing coverage! My under eyes appear instantly brighter with one swipe of the wand. Shade 3 is perfect to add brightness and to conceal evidence of late nights.

My under eyes before using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer

My under eyes after using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer

One major selling point of this concealer is the sponge applicator. I must admit, I initially did not find this appealing. Yet, it is perfect for ease of use as the product swipes on effortlessly. This brand really does consider user experience, and so I admire that they have done something different from the usual doe foot applicator every brand has been coming out with! The sponge allows less product to go farther and stretch across the skin, without the risk of looking cakey. In fact, it smooths over the skin to create a more perfected look!

This concealer is offered in 16 shades, which I feel is a reasonable shade selection. The medium to deep range definitely could benefit from some improvement. Shade variety is something that I feel the brand can definitely work on as a whole. Given the price point charged, there really is no excuse for not being more inclusive. But that’s a whole other subject. If you can find a shade that is suited to your personal needs, I do recommend giving this product a try!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer in shades 3 & 5

Overall, this is a good concealer! It is perfect to use on a day to day basis, as you can swipe it on without the risk of over applying. It really does offer a brighter, more perfected look to the under eyes with minimal effort. I’m extremely grateful to have received this item for free to try, with that being said, this concealer is quite pricey for $38 CAD. The price tag is one of the major factors that held me back from purchasing this when it was first released. That, and the fact that I already have so many concealers open & in use! The packaging and the name is undeniable, and that’s a big part of what you pay for. With the current Sephora discount, this product definitely would have been on my wishlist if I wasn’t sent it!


Have you tried this concealer out? Is it one you’re planning on picking up?