Top 10 Cruelty-Free Products Under $10

I often hear that one of the biggest barriers to entry to going cruelty free is the cost. When in fact, there are SO many inexpensive cruelty free options available at the drugstore and online. Cruelty-free options can be very accessible and affordable! Today, I’m going to touch on a few of my personal favourite cruelty-free products under $10. Of course, I love a lot more products that are inexpensive but today I wanted to talk about some of my absolute faves!

My Top Picks


I adore these 2 highlighters from the drugstore! Each offers a different tone & result, I find myself reaching for both ALL the time. The Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in Be My Highlight ($5.49 CAD) offers a stunning lit from within glow. This is definitely the more natural, easy to wear option of the 2 I’m sharing today. I often reach for this highlighter as an all over setting powder when my skin is looking a little dull/sad and it instantly adds light to my complexion. The finish is glorious! The other option here is the Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighter in Precious Petals ($7.49 CAD), which is a much more high impact blinding finish. I wrote a full dedicated post all about it here

Left to right: Essence, Wet n Wild


My favourite way to apply these highlighters is with the Real Techniques Setting Brush ($7.97 CAD). I use this brush for any and all highlighters. This brush is perfect for a strategic yet diffused application. Does that juxtaposition make sense? I sure hope so. This brush is available at several retailers, but I have found that Walmart is the cheapest option out there.  In the same vein of tools, I love the EcoTools Total Perfecting Blender. This sponge is soft, squishy and generally so delightful to use. I personally love the shape, with it’s flat edges. This sponge is a great all rounder for cream and powder complexion prods! 


I think of everything in this round up, I’m most excited to share with you the single shadows from Clionadh Cosmetics. This brand is based in Toronto, vegan & cruelty and just generally fabulous. The shadows are stunning and just fill me with joy. The formula is beautiful, buttery and extremely affordable. These range from $6.50 to $7 CAD and are well worth every penny spent. These colours are so unique, with a shine that is truly impressive. I really want to try other formulas as I only am familiar with duochrome and metallics from the brand. 

Left to right: Cinnabar, Rune, Morgana, Crystalline, Filigree, Prophecy

A much more well-known shadow formula on the other hand is the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows ($6.70 CAD). These eyeshadows are dreamy & creamy. I have loved these since the first time I tried them and have loved them for years now! This formula sets down on my hooded oily, lids and lasts all day long!

Left to right: Truth, Telepathy, As You Wave


Although there are many eyeliner formulas under $10, there is one that I discovered last year and have fallen head over heals for. The Annabelle Waterline Matte Kohl Liner ($7.96 CAD) is a smooth eyeliner formula, perfect for the waterline. This product comes in a wide range of shades, but of course, I went colourful with my picks! I integrate this liner into SO many looks because it’s a fun way to amp up eye looks.

Left to right: Lavender & Mint


The vast majority of my lipstick collection is filled with affordable options. Yet, these 3 products come to mind instantly when I think of my inexpensive picks. I have been wearing all 3 of these lips almost habitually as of late, so I definitely have to mention them! First being the ELF Matte Lip Color ($3.97 CAD) which is a smooth and comfortable matte lipstick formula. I love this shade, Praline, and would love to try more shades (of course, because I can never get enough). The addiction to the ELF Tinted Lip Oil in Nude Kiss ($7.97 CAD) is seriously real and I even recently repurchased another.  Lastly, the Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Tip Toe ($9.40 CAD) is my go-to everyday lippie. This formula glides on the lips and the shade is just my kind of perfection, really. Can’t say enough good things about any of these products!

Left to right: ELF Matte Color, ELF Oil, Colourpop Lux

I have been really excited to share this round up with you since Amy (MissAmyxo) introduced this subject to the #acrueltyfree2019 collab series over on YouTube. I shared my full thoughts on all of these products in today’s video, definitely check it out & all the other ladies recommendations if you have a chance!