Resurrecting My Loving Lately Series

I am so excited to be bring back a series that has been lost from this platform for quite some time. I cannot wait to share with you my Loving Lately round ups once again. This series is an oldie but a goodie here on my blog – my version of a current faves kinda post! My aim is to do these much more often to share with you things I just can’t get enough of!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter 

This highlighter is just dreamy! It has a light golden tone, with a smooth finish that adds endless radiance to the skin. Need I say more about this absolute stunner? It’s such a shame that this was a limited edition release. If you got your hands on it, I highly suggest you start reaching for it again come the summer weather. The glow this gives is unreal!

Madam Glam Lipsticks

I was very kindly sent the full range of shades, but these two are my top picks. Conspiracy (matte formula) is a vibrant red colour that I feel is SO flattering and fun! This colour is bold but a ton of fun. Fig (velvet formula) is a sheer berry tone that looks super juicy on the lips with it’s shine. It’s pretty impressive to me that these lipsticks are vegan! Unfortunately, Madam Glam is discontinuing their lip line, so I’d say scoop ’em up now if you’re interested in trying out this formula.

Juvia’s Place The Zulu Palette

This palette is what all my colourful summer looks will be made of. I can just see all the possibilities now! The colour selection may seem random, but these shades pair perfectly to create a massive array of looks! I love that this brand is affordable and inclusive. I am SO happy to have this palette in my collection!

Stila Magnificent Metals Shimmer & Glow Eyeshadow in Vivid Jade

I know, I’m super behind on mentioning this… But this shade was my go-to for the holiday season. I swear. This colour and formula are just so easy to wear and honestly fill me with joy. I can’t get enough and so I had to share! Liquid shadows are some of my go-tos for creating easy, yet high impact looks. This shadow does not disappoint on either front.

Eco Tools Bronze Buki Brush

If you think I’m crazy for loving this brush, I forgive you. I was in the same boat when this found it’s way into my collection. I thought there is no way a brush SO large will work. But does it ever! I love how easy it is to achieve an all-over bronze with this brush. The bristles perfect disperse pigment and diffuse the edges for a seamless yet obvious bronze. Did I mention I love it? Because I truly do.

Divine Essence Organic Rosehip Beauty Oil

Tight, dry skin is resolved with this gorgeous oil. I’m not a fan of rose, but I do like the way this facial oil smells and I find it to be extremely effective at keeping my skin feeling hydrated and balanced. Just a few presses into the skin before bedtime, and I wake up feeling ready to take on a new day, with happy skin.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my round up of current faves! I have so much fun sharing products I’m loving with you!


I ramble an awful lot in this video about all of my product picks. I think you can tell just how much I love them, based on the fact that I just can’t shut up about each item included. Feel free to take a watch!