The Pacifica Daydreamer Roll-On Trio contains 3 of the brands gorgeous perfumes. As with all of their products, these perfumes are vegan & cruelty free which is what initially drew me to this pack, but the unique scents are really what makes them amazing! For $19USD ($25CAD) you get to try 3 .33oz rollerballs of delicious, unique fragrances, all wrapped up in a gorgeous package, which is always to be expected of Pacifica!

I had been looking at the Pacifica perfumes for quite some time over the past few months as I ran out of my much loved MAC Turquatic Perfume and will not be repurchasing it. Unfortunately Pacifica is not very accessible here for me, so I was hesitant to purchase and commit to a specific scent. So when I discovered the variety of trios that they offer, I was excited and found that this one looked like it would suit my personal taste best. It contains 3 delicious scents: Tuscan Blood Orange, Indian Coconut Nectar, and Tahitian Gardenia

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