I feel happy when I reach for products that sparkle, and love adding glitter into my routine. Glitter should not be considered just occasion makeup in my opinion. I love adding a touch of something special. It makes me feel pretty & confident. Today I want to share an easy way to incorporate glitter & colour, even on an average day!

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The Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Concealer claims to be a full-coverage formula that covers flaws and imperfections. It is said to have antiquing ingredients that provide moisture to the skin. It is said to be ideal on blemishes and the underage area. So many amazing claims that I just could not resist! It feels like I have been on the hunt for the perfect under eye concealer for a long time! My under eye area is quite dark, with some fine lines and fairly dry. Talk about being against all odds! Seriously! And so I am constantly looking on the Sephora app under the “Top Rated” concealers, and spend a lot of time watching video reviews on YouTube on this search.

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After watching too many project pan videos on YouTube over the last few months, I’ve decided to start the project myself! I’ve set a pretty steep goal for myself. And I’m nearly 3 months too late to the project! But oh well, it’s going to be a challenge, and I’m up for it! The goal is to finish (or get more use out of) 17 products by the end of 2017!

Why project pan?

I clean out and purge from my collection seasonally, but my collection is a fair size, so items don’t get used up. Makeup unfortunately expires. And I’ve had to throw a lot of things out in the past because they get forgotten about. I also have gone to purchasing cruelty free about 6 months ago, so a few non-cruelty free products still remain in my collection for various reasons. So I want to use up the last of the products that are by brands that test on animals and I want to finishing up some older items in my collection. I rounded up 17 things to use more in 2017, I’ll track my progress and hopefully there will be 17 empties to show off in early 2018! That’s hopeful, but I really wanted to challenge myself.

The products to pan

I posted an intro video to the project on YouTube so you can see me chat about these products in a little more.

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The Electric Pressed Pigment Palette by Urban Decay features 10 bold, saturated, unique pressed pigment shadows. The range of colours contained in this palette are so diverse so there are endless ways to combine the shades with one another or alongside any other eyeshadows. These are very vibrant colours, so definitely not for the average everyday look, but for $50 for 10 stunning shadows, (hello, that’s only $5 a piece – cheaper than ColourPop with the CAD exchange) this palette really is worth picking up and having in your makeup collection, no matter how often you reach for these kinds of shades. Personally, I did not anticipate I would use it as often as I do, so it’s been a great surprise and it truly has given me the opportunity to think more creatively. This is definitely an underrated palette – I know it’s been on the market for quite some time, but I am honestly surprised I haven’t seen more people talk about it over the years!
How amazing is the packing though? The bold colours on the front just make me want to bathe myself in colour every time I reach for it. The case is very sturdy with a magnetic closure, inside there is a double ended brush a most importantly a HUGE mirror!
As I mentioned, there are 10 colours in this palette, 8 of which are exclusive to this collection, and the other 2 are re-releases from previous limited edition palettes by Urban Decay. For the most part, these colours are shimmery, but there is still a variety of different textures. Urban Decay was really on the ball when they came out with this palette. These are pressed pigments, so I think it is understandable that there is some fallout on application occasionally. Savage and Chaos are the only 2 that are lacking the super rich pigmentation I was expecting, however they still preform unbelievably well! The colours in all their glory, are swatched below:


Because they are pressed pigments, these colours can be used as eyeshadow, liner or blush. I’ve even used Revolt over lipsticks to create a metallic look just for fun and loved the result! This palette just means playtime and experimentation, so go ahead and try things out of the norm!
I have had this gorgeous palette for about 2 months now, so have had a lot of opportunity to really play around and experiment with all the colours. Only now do I feel like I can accurately review it, even though it has been in my possession for quite some time. In the last 2 months I have done so many experimental looks trying to see just what this palette is capable of – and believe me, the possibilities are unlimited! I’ve already featured some of the looks here and here and can’t wait to share more!
Do you have this palette or will you be picking it up?