On my journey to a completely cruelty-free lifestyle, I’ve tried lots of dental care options – but the Jason Powersmile range has definitely impressed me the most! JASON is a natural, cruelty-free brand that features good quality ingredients, while still being affordable and accessible!

When making the transition to natural products in your home, traditional toothpaste can be difficult to part with. The first time I tried natural dental care, I was using baking soda and water on my tooth brush. Then I moved up to a mixture bentonite clay with mint essential oil. These methods can work, and are very easy on the wallet, but I always craved something more like store-bought. I grew used to the full, lingering minty flavour and smooth texture. And that’s when I set myself on a the task of finding the “you won’t notice the difference” all-natural toothpaste.

I’ve tried several brands since then, and I’ve strayed back to the traditional products as well (naughty me) but now I’ve discovered my favourite range and have found myself repurchasing it time & time again!

JASON Powersmile Toothpaste and Mouthwash

I have used 3-4 tubes of Jason Powersmile Toothpaste, and I’m addicted to the minty-fresh flavour and smooth texture! This toothpaste even suds up just like other non-cruelty free brands do! And that’s the biggest difference to me. I’ve yet to find a natural toothpaste that functions near-identically to the other brands I grew up using. This toothpaste is a whitening formula as well, without causing sensitivity at all. I have not noticed it to whiten my teeth exactly, but it has maintained the white of my teeth, even though I am an avid coffee & red wine drinker!

I picked up the mouthwash about a month ago after using the toothpaste over and over. Again, this product is comparable to other alternatives I’ve tried! This formula is 2x concentrated – so yay for less packaging! You can choose how strong you’d like it to be, I personally tend to dilute the formula with equal parts water. It still offers a fresh flavour and clean feeling even when diluted!

Jason Powersmile offers a healthy and cruelty-free alternative to traditional toothpaste and mouthwash without compromising in performance! No nasty chemicals, animal ingredients or excessive packaging! This range really is the healthy alternative for your teeth!

Where to purchase

One of the hardest part of making the switch to natural and cruelty-free products is accessibility. Thankfully, this line is very accessible! I have spotted this product multiple times at my nearby Winners. Another favourite place to shop for Jason Powersmile Toothpaste ($6.49) and Jason Powersmile Mouthwash ($10.79) is online through well.ca (I chatted a bit more about the site here).

I’ve also found Jason products available at retailers like Loblaws and Zehr’s Markets – just go to the organic/health section! However, lots of independently owned natural and health-food stores like my local fave, National Nutrition, also carry the line. Once you start looking for these alternatives, you really will start seeing these brands and products everywhere!


Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts on them?

Since today is Earth Day, I thought I would share with you some of my green beauty essentials. I’ve been purchasing more natural products a lot over the last few years, especially when it comes to skin, body and haircare. This is a topic that is very dear to me, so I’m surprised I have not yet shared these products yet.

I’ve been leaning toward purchasing fewer, but better quality products when it comes to personal care. I know, I could definitely do the same in regards to makeup, but I just can’t… yet. As I said, I’ve been paying so much more attention to ingredients, ethics and sources of the products I’ve been using. There are so many great brands on the market that offer these clean solutions, and I have found them to be extremely accessible. My favourite sources for natural beauty are National Nutrition (which I visit in Orillia, Ontario) and well.ca (which is based in Toronto & Guelph Ontario) so hurrah for supporting local businesses too! Let’s jump in and go over all the great natural and green goodies I’ve been using, loving and hope you get inspired by!

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The Pacifica Daydreamer Roll-On Trio contains 3 of the brands gorgeous perfumes. As with all of their products, these perfumes are vegan & cruelty free which is what initially drew me to this pack, but the unique scents are really what makes them amazing! For $19USD ($25CAD) you get to try 3 .33oz rollerballs of delicious, unique fragrances, all wrapped up in a gorgeous package, which is always to be expected of Pacifica!

I had been looking at the Pacifica perfumes for quite some time over the past few months as I ran out of my much loved MAC Turquatic Perfume and will not be repurchasing it. Unfortunately Pacifica is not very accessible here for me, so I was hesitant to purchase and commit to a specific scent. So when I discovered the variety of trios that they offer, I was excited and found that this one looked like it would suit my personal taste best. It contains 3 delicious scents: Tuscan Blood Orange, Indian Coconut Nectar, and Tahitian Gardenia

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Since making the switch to cruelty-free purchasing, the one thing I have been struggling finding is a good mascara. There are lots of formulas I like and can use, but in the past 6 months or so, nothing has really stood out to me. But then, I received the Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara as a Christmas gift, I have not looked back! This formula seems to offer me so much of what I want from a mascara with it’s deep black colour, length and volume and good lasting power!
Pacifica is a brand that unfortunately I have had little introduction to in the past. I bought one lip balm by the brand about 3 years ago and that’s the extent of it, but I had been looking into them for perfumes and skincare for a while before I was gifted this mascara from my sister over the holidays! The brand really drew me in because it is vegan and cruelty free and I had seen Rhian from WifeLife talking about the brand a fair amount. Unfortunately this brand is not very accessible here in Canada, but I am so grateful that my sister found this and surprised me with it! Side note: I’ve already placed an order with them and can’t wait to try out more goodies!
This formula really does it all. I often run into issues with formulas getting too heavy that my lashes are weighed down and can’t hold a curl, but that doesn’t happen with this formula. It does transfer just a little onto my upper lid which is a constant struggle with my hooded eyes, but that means my lashes are staying nice & curled so I can completely over look that. This formula is not waterproof, which would prevent that smudging, but I don’t think they offer a waterproof version. I’m obsessed with how black this shade, Supernova, is! It is so rich and offers a ton of impact and drama.
The packaging is just way too adorable to resist as a bonus! I love the white tube with line drawings and the gold accents on the box. It looks to me like Pacifica really tends to have a lot of fun with their packaging, which I think is nice as lots of vegan brands keep things quite simplistic and minimal. The only thing about this product I think could be improved upon is the wand, which is a little too fibrous and plush for my personal preference. As I have quite small eyes, I find this type of want is too difficult to control and can often make a little bit of a mess. However, I would be very curious to try out more of Pacifica’s mascaras because this formula performs so well and their other brushes look to be more my preferred style.
Have you tried this mascara? Have you tried anything from Pacifica? Let’s chat more about the brand below! I want more recommendations of fun things to try!