There are so many great new launches from Essence for Spring/Summer 2017 – the Essence Satin Touch Blushes* being the one I was most excited about! When I was at an Essence event a few weeks ago, these were the products that drew me in the most. Maybe it’s that gorgeous embossing or the neutral tones or simply the fact that I love the formula of the Silky Touch Blushes by Essence. There’s just something about these that make me happy and I left the event looking forward to giving them a try!

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There are some things you can always rely on Colourpop for – fun colours and a good price. Like all of their products I have tried, the Creme Gel Liners totally live up to that! The brand offers an array of bold, unique colours as well as essential neutrals in their Creme Gel Liner formula for just $5 USD or about $6.60 CAD at the moment [insert crying face] per pencil. Although the conversion to CAD at the moment is so dramatic, these liners are still significantly less the price of a lot of drugstore brand liners cost now! I currently have 5 shades from the line up – Zulu (pastel sea foam green), HoneyDude (warm nude),  Exit (true white), Boots (hot pink) and No Shame (blackened violet) – all of which are fun, pigmented and creamy shades.

In this look I’ve created a gradient using No Shame, Boots and Exit, and HoneyDude in the waterline. To see Zulu in action, check out this post.
These liners are very creamy which makes them easy to apply and blend without tugging on application. However, it makes the actual product very prone to breaking, so be very aware not too press to firmly or to advance the liner too much. They glide onto the eyes effortlessly, so there really is no need to be harsh. You don’t have a ton of time to smudge them around, so be sure to work fairly quickly because these set and do not budge! I am very grateful for that, as most formulas tend to slip and slide on my waterline and lids.

Above you can see just how saturated and vivid these colours are! Left to right I’ve swatched – Zulu, HoneyDude, Exit, Boots and No Shame. I admire that Colourpop releases adventurous shades that I don’t see from other lines. And for such a great price point, why not try colours out of your comfort zone?!

I am looking forward to trying out more shades, I am especially interested in some of the metallics for something different. If you’ve tried these colours, or any others, please let me know your thoughts!

The Electric Pressed Pigment Palette by Urban Decay features 10 bold, saturated, unique pressed pigment shadows. The range of colours contained in this palette are so diverse so there are endless ways to combine the shades with one another or alongside any other eyeshadows. These are very vibrant colours, so definitely not for the average everyday look, but for $50 for 10 stunning shadows, (hello, that’s only $5 a piece – cheaper than ColourPop with the CAD exchange) this palette really is worth picking up and having in your makeup collection, no matter how often you reach for these kinds of shades. Personally, I did not anticipate I would use it as often as I do, so it’s been a great surprise and it truly has given me the opportunity to think more creatively. This is definitely an underrated palette – I know it’s been on the market for quite some time, but I am honestly surprised I haven’t seen more people talk about it over the years!
How amazing is the packing though? The bold colours on the front just make me want to bathe myself in colour every time I reach for it. The case is very sturdy with a magnetic closure, inside there is a double ended brush a most importantly a HUGE mirror!
As I mentioned, there are 10 colours in this palette, 8 of which are exclusive to this collection, and the other 2 are re-releases from previous limited edition palettes by Urban Decay. For the most part, these colours are shimmery, but there is still a variety of different textures. Urban Decay was really on the ball when they came out with this palette. These are pressed pigments, so I think it is understandable that there is some fallout on application occasionally. Savage and Chaos are the only 2 that are lacking the super rich pigmentation I was expecting, however they still preform unbelievably well! The colours in all their glory, are swatched below:


Because they are pressed pigments, these colours can be used as eyeshadow, liner or blush. I’ve even used Revolt over lipsticks to create a metallic look just for fun and loved the result! This palette just means playtime and experimentation, so go ahead and try things out of the norm!
I have had this gorgeous palette for about 2 months now, so have had a lot of opportunity to really play around and experiment with all the colours. Only now do I feel like I can accurately review it, even though it has been in my possession for quite some time. In the last 2 months I have done so many experimental looks trying to see just what this palette is capable of – and believe me, the possibilities are unlimited! I’ve already featured some of the looks here and here and can’t wait to share more!
Do you have this palette or will you be picking it up?



Well it is no secret that I am obsessed with the formula of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. Nope, it is not a secret at all. I have written about them here many times, posted about them on my instagram and even mentioned them in my current faves video a few weeks ago!
About 2 weeks ago I found myself wandering through a new Shopper’s Drug Mart and noticed that they actually carried a larger selection of shades than the Shopper’s I frequent (yes, I go there a lot) which were a bolder and more diverse than the shades I have seen most often, so I picked up 2 new additions and I still want more, let’s be honest!
Left to right: Moscow, Ibiza, Stockholm, Milan, San Paulo
The formula is so creamy, rich and easy to work with. These lip colours set and last a long time and are very easy to reapply and layer. I seriously cannot get enough of this formula, as it’s so comfortable, yet long lasting and truly matte. The colour applies evenly (only the deep shade Moscow requires 2 layers to get full opacity) and the shades are so gorgeous. There is some serious magic in these tubes, I’m telling you! I own 5 different shades at the moment, and have my eyes on a few more which will be mine in time.
Have you tried this formula? What are your thoughts?