valentine's day look with two lip options hot pink and black lipstick modern renaissance on the eyes

Today, I have 2 ways to wear this super easy Valentine’s Day makeup look. This eye look can pair with just about any lip, and today I’ve chosen 2 lip options to share with you that I think perfectly suit Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re headed out on a dinner date or drinks with friends, this look is perfect! This look can easily be soft and romantic or can be quickly turned around for a more edgy result, I love versatile makeup like this! Of course, this look can be amped up by smoking out the eyes or adding falsies, but I chose to keep it a little lighter, even though I would love it either way!

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I have decided that I am starting a makeup no buy! It’s been a couple weeks since the last time I purchased any new products, and I haven’t felt the desire. However, I want to keep that momentum going! There is absolutely no reason at this time to introduce new items into my collection. In fact, I’d love to get some things out of my life!

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After watching too many project pan videos on YouTube over the last few months, I’ve decided to start the project myself! I’ve set a pretty steep goal for myself. And I’m nearly 3 months too late to the project! But oh well, it’s going to be a challenge, and I’m up for it! The goal is to finish (or get more use out of) 17 products by the end of 2017!

Why project pan?

I clean out and purge from my collection seasonally, but my collection is a fair size, so items don’t get used up. Makeup unfortunately expires. And I’ve had to throw a lot of things out in the past because they get forgotten about. I also have gone to purchasing cruelty free about 6 months ago, so a few non-cruelty free products still remain in my collection for various reasons. So I want to use up the last of the products that are by brands that test on animals and I want to finishing up some older items in my collection. I rounded up 17 things to use more in 2017, I’ll track my progress and hopefully there will be 17 empties to show off in early 2018! That’s hopeful, but I really wanted to challenge myself.

The products to pan

I posted an intro video to the project on YouTube so you can see me chat about these products in a little more.

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